Timothy Beattie- Composer

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This is a tone poem for orchestra that was inspired by a movie I saw when I was five years old.  The details about the movie are vague in my memory, but I remember scientists shrinking themselves down in order to explore the human body.  It was my intention to express the awe inspiring nature of such an exploration.  The piece begins with undulating strings and fluttering woodwinds to create a sense of wonder. Next, the neurological aspect of the human body is represented with a very logical theme in the low winds that is punctuated with the “synapses firing” of the upper strings and flute.  Next, the heart’s association with love is represented in a horn melody that then transitions into a trumpet melody that embodies the brave nature of the heart.  There is a return to the sense of wonder at the close of the piece which symbolizes the idea that mysteries still remain about the human body.