Timothy Beattie- Composer

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Garden Path: Duet for Violin and Clarinet


This solo piece for flute represents the nature of light.  It represents the range of light’s character from gentle and warm, to burning intensity. 


String Quartet #2

      This four movement work explores cyclic motivic ideas. Bela Bartok's 5th string quartet inspired this approach.


The Frequency (ˈfrē-kwən(t)-sē)

1.-the fact or condition of occurringfrequently.

3.-the number of complete oscillations per second of energy (such as sound or electromagnetic radiation) in the form of waves. 

-Merriam Webster, 2018

This quintet is a loosely based programmatic work which refers to both definitions above. It explores the idea of connection in relationships based on the frequency of contact and also the loss of connection in both relationships and in an acoustical sense due to problems with frequency. The work features extended techniques that attempt to capture the acoustical realization of a spotty connection.

Premiered at Space City New Music Festival, July 11th, 2018. Flute- Justina Chu, Trumpet- Steve Sharp, Vibes- Paige Madden, Marimba- Crystal Chu, Piano- Julianne Shepard, Conductor-Timothy Beattie